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January 2018 Client Spotlight - Peggy Bixler Ray

  • Post on : 2018-06-28 | Jamie Free

(Peggy is down 4.1% bodyfat over the 8 weeks we worked together.  Her strength and performance has improved as well)

        After leaving the corporate grind after 20 years I found myself sort of at a lost of what to do with myself, my career had sort of defined me.  I never stuck with any sort of consistent fitness routine during that time and used the excuse of my constant travel for work making it impossible.  In my search for what my next steps would be I fell in love with fitness.  I began regularly taking variety of fitness classes and running.  In 2014 I joined Orangetheory Fitness which became my new passion.  I spread the word with anyone who would listen on my love for Orangetheory.  I took that passion and became a Certified Personal Trainer through American Council of Exercise then was able to become a Coach at my new happy place Orangethoery Fitness.  In addition to taking 5 classes per week at Orangetheory I started to run in 5Ks, then 10Ks, then 15Ks and went on to run my first half marathon at age 41 finishing in the top 10% of all runners.

            While I was in better shape at 41 than I had been when I was in my 20s, I was working so hard in the gym but not taking that same approach to my eating habits.  I decided it was time to take it a step further and work on my nutrition.  I was given Jamie Free's name by a friend and decided to take that dreaded step and reach out to him for a consultation.  It was the best decision I could've made to round out my fitness journey. Nutrition was the missing link for me.  He developed such a doable plan for me.  With my hectic schedule he tailored it to each day for me.  Even while eating out he is available via text to guide me in making the right decision at a restaurant.  Prior to working with him, I was not eating the right foods at the right time or the right quantities.  

  While following his plan I found myself with more energy, sleeping better and my athletic performance improved.  After 6 weeks on his plan I lost over 5% body fat.  I ran my second half marathon at age 42 last month finishing 10 minutes faster than my previous half with no additional long run training leading up to it.  I have exceeded PRs in the weight room and continue to get stronger every day.

          Jamie is such a wonderful person to work with who cares about his clients.  My husband and I both have benefited from his knowledge and look forward to continuing to work with him.  I have referred countless clients and friends to him who also have found him to be awesome.  I am so grateful for him and his continued support in my fitness and nutrition journey.

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