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February 2018 Client Spotlight - Ivan Lozina

  • Post on : 2018-06-28 | Jamie Free

 Ivan came to me last April at 212lbs and 24.5% body fat.  Through proper nutrition, including walking him through eating out options as well as all travel options, we ended at 189.8 and a low of 15.8% body fat.  This was over a 9 month span.  Health doesn't happen over night!  It takes discipline and dedication.  Ivan did just that.  What did he have to say:

            "I have always been an active person that worked out on a regular basis, but no matter how much I tried I could not get below 205lbs.  I increased the number of days per week I would work out, even increased the intensity and type of workout.  no matter what I tried, no change on the scale!  Then a fellow gym member told me about his nutrition coach, Jamie Free. 

      I scheduled a meeting with Jamie for an initial weigh-in and meal plan.  After answering a few questions about my health, life style and weighing in, Jamie emailed me a plan.  I followed the plan, and continued workout regimen with the hope of reaching my goal weight.   It wasn’t easy and it took a little longer then I had hoped, I didn’t always stick to the plan.   I finally reached my goal weight of 189 lb., a loss of 20+lbs and decreased my percentage of body fat by 10%! 

             Thanks Jamie for your guidance and motivation! "

Ivan Lozina

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