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April 2018 Client Spotlight: Sarah Goodrick

  • Post on : 2018-06-28 | Jamie Free

    I have always joked that when God said “Come forth for athleticism”, I came fifth, but shortly before my 30th birthday, my aches and pains in my knees signaled that I needed to make a change in my life. I fell in love with Orange Theory Fitness and started taking their classes 3-4 days per week. Over the course of two years of exercising, I lost roughly 7% body fat. My physique definitely changed and my aches and pains lessened, but I reached a plateau. I didn’t change my diet in those two years because I didn’t really think that I needed to. I thought that for the most part, my diet was healthy, and I would continue to see results as long as I was exercising and not overdoing anything. 

           One day I heard Peggy, one of the trainers at OTF, talking about how she had started a nutrition plan and how it had been a game-changer for her. Peggy has been one of my fitness inspirations from the beginning so I thought I would give it a go. I always love a challenge. She gave me Jamie’s contact information. 

            I sat down with Jamie and after a brief discussion about my typical diet and exercise routine and a measurement of my current weight, body fat percentage, and basal metabolic rate, he sent me a customized nutrition plan. It showed me exactly how much protein, fat, and carbohydrates I should be eating and at what times depending on whether it was a rest day, a 9am work out day, a noon workout day, etc. Surprisingly, for me, it wasn’t really a matter of eating less or taking in less calories, but mainly eating the right kinds of foods at the right time and in the right amounts.

            When I first received the plan, I was a little overwhelmed at the thought of making a change. I also felt like I had poor timing when I realized that my birthday, a vacation, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all fell during this 12 week period. I thought that there was no way that I was going to be successful and enjoy myself; however, after the first two weeks, things actually became more of a routine. I actually started to crave the new way that I was eating. When I started to see results, I became more addicted! I even felt like I enjoyed the times that I allowed myself to indulge more because it was a “treat” rather than something I could allow myself at any time. I ate whatever I wanted for those special meals surrounding the holidays, but stuck to my plan the rest of the day and felt great. Over the course of 12 weeks, I don’t feel like I’ve been on a “diet” because nothing has been off-limits completely, but I have learned fuel my body appropriately and not get off track.

          Considering that I thought I was in decent shape and didn’t have much weight to lose, I am shocked that I lost 16 pounds and 4.2% body fat in 12 weeks. I went from a size 8 to a size 4, and I can see my ab muscles peeking through for the first time ever. On Thanksgiving, I jogged 5 miles without stopping, which is something that I never thought I would be able to do. I feel better than ever. Embarking on this journey with Jamie is honestly one of the best decisions I think I’ve made, and it excites me to apply what I have learned to the future. Jamie was incredibly knowledgeable and supportive, and I can’t thank him enough for all of his help! I am several months past having completed the “12 week plan”, and despite splurging on another vacation and enjoying some “cheat” meals, I have maintained my eating plan and my weight!

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