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May 2018 Client Spotlight - Raven Harris

  • Post on : 2018-06-27 | Jamie Free

“I can out work a bad diet,” “I don’t look that bad,” there are people that are bigger than me,” these are all things I would tell myself two years ago. Nutrition is a widely talked about topic but its hard top know what advice to really take. I really don’t remember much of what I ate before I met Jamie besides a TON of meat. I ate meat and really not much else.

                I remember the first time I met Jamie. I had messaged him on Facebook to start working with him on my nutrition but when we got faced to face I was so intimidated. I knew what to expect when I stepped on that scale and knew how bad it was going to be. I was embarrassed and felt uncomfortable but Jamie made me feel better about the situation by telling me that this is just the start and gave me a goal to reach for. After that I was so excited to get started. A few days later he sent me a custom spreadsheet of my meals and snacks throughout the day and had me eating plenty! This was EXACTLY what I needed.

                As my journey continued and I was losing weight or my schedule would change or whatever it may be Jamie always made the accommodations to my plan. I had signed up for the 3 month program and I can honestly say it has changed my life completely. Doing the 3 month program kept me determined and the 2 week checkups in between kept me on track! I feel that if I did not do the three month program I would have went back to my old habits and would not be as far along in my journey as I am. Abs are finally a realistic goal! That’s crazy!

                The way Jamie runs his nutrition planning doesn’t just let you reach your goals but TEACHES you how to live by them. I don’t remember exactly what I said to Jamie one visit but I remember his response. He told me that he could run his business where people do not learn anything and just keeps paying him but that he would rather people LEARN and NOT need him anymore. That statement told me this man truly cares about his clients and their journey to a healthier life.

                I have learned so much throughout this process and my life and others around me are forever changed simply because of the guidance into nutrition. My confidence level has skyrocketed, I’m happier, I’m nicer to people than I was two years ago, I feel great, I don’t get embarrassed about how I look or just being in a room  full of people, I feel more comfortable talking to strangers and don’t feel like they’re judging me and I strive to reach my life goals.  


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