Our Testimonials




Jacob Fasig – Down 81.3lbs and 14.5% in 1 Year This is the place where meal plans come to life and change your world! Jamie Free knows what he’s doing and loves helping people reach their goals. He has designed my food plans to keep me getting stronger and helping my body get lighter. When I came to Jamie, I had almost 38 years of trying to do it on my own. I was lost, broken, and knew I couldn’t make the changes I needed to make without help. It took me a while to finally reach out to Jamie about coming to see him and get some help with my out-of-control love affair with food. My initial email requested price and next steps… I didn’t know how much it would cost or how it all worked. His reply back was a little overwhelming to me. There was an intake form with questions that I was neither willing put on paper or want anyone else to know… but I had to be vulnerable. It then took me a couple more month to actually fill out the form and set an appointment with him. I was nervous, scared, and worried that I would fail again. He greeted me at the door… This dude is jacked! I figured if I could get somewhere in between where I am now and where he is, then that would be a HUGE win for me. I wish I hadn’t been such a wuss. Jamie has been one of my greatest decisions in this process. He has been available to me 24/7 via text or phone call. When I go out to eat and I’m worried about food choice, I text Jamie and he tells me exactly what to get at that restaurant. I haven’t felt like I had to turn down friends, family, or celebrations out because he’s there with me each step of the way. He coaches me through all of our check-ins and actively follows my food log. He sets my parameters and allows for diversity in food and business of life. He keeps me from freaking out during low weight loss weeks and affirms me when I lose more pounds than normal. Jamie has been breaking my bad habits and teaching a new way to live all along the way. He has walked with me each step of the way and I am forever grateful for his coaching and love. If you need help with issues of food, you can’t do any better than Jamie. Whether you need to dial it in or start from the beginning, Jamie is your guy!