Our Testimonials




I’ve been friends with Jamie for a few years now. I knew him as an excellent coach and one heck of an athlete. I myself am a coach so it can be hard sometimes to realize that I also need direction and help. Apart from coaching I still work a full time job, and after taking a career path change in 2015, I had to step back and evaluate how much I had been consumed by work and in turn, neglected my health. When I initially reached out to Jamie I had gotten to a pretty low point as far as my personal fitness was concerned. I was at the gym every day but barely ever working out. I felt like I couldn’t get started quick enough. I received the intake form from Jamie and was immediately impressed with it. It really made me think about what I wanted to accomplish in working with him. Jamie does my workout programming and nutrition as well. I needed the programming because as I a coach I had found over time I tend to do the things I like and avoid the things I don’t. I was wanting a push that I knew I wouldn’t be able to provide for myself. As I started to settle into the new program with Jamie it didn’t take me long to realize how well thought out it was. The nutrition plan was very thorough without being overwhelming and the workout programming was tough but always doable. What really made a huge impression on me was my access to Jamie on a personal level; it was the text message conversations about mindset and goals and how we were going to achieve them one step at a time. I did the work and he kept me going in the right direction. The weight came off, the skills went up, and my confidence is better than ever. After 12 months the difference was huge, but what’s even more incredible is that we never met for a single session. Everything single facet of my training was done remotely with Jamie. We maintain contact through text and email daily and once a week I send him my workout results and thoughts. I only live an hour down the road but me traveling to him was never really an option due to my full time career and coaching classes at my gym. I attribute all the results and success to Jamie’s abilities as a coach and friend. As we move into the new year I look forward to continue my work with Jamie and tackling new goals. I am extremely grateful for him and everything he’s done for me.